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Founded in January 2010, WinnipegRB is a group of developers in Winnipeg, Manitoba with a common interest in all things Ruby, Rails, and related technologies. Everyone is welcome, from professional ruby programmers to those just beginning to program. The only requirement is passion.

Event History

Next Event on September 25, 2013

Learning Ruby by Reading the Source / Burke Libbey

One of the best ways to learn a technology is to learn how it's implemented. People tend to view programming languages as black boxes, but there's a lot to be gained by exploring their implementations. Ruby is well-known for being a relatively complicated language with a lot of features that "just work", often employing "magic". The "it's magic" level of understanding can be surprisingly effective, but it will only get you so far. This talk explores a few bits of ruby's source to shed light on some of these less-obvious of ruby's features.

This talk assumes a general, but not necessarily deep, understanding of ruby. It does involve some C code as well. You should understand what a pointer is, but past that, there will be plenty of diagrams to illustrate what's going on.

Precise time and location TBD; likely 5:30. Food will be provided, drinks to follow.